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Vivid color

my most well known skill

Every artist has their favorite thing. This is mine. I live for vivids, and I'm damn good at it. It's not some passing trend. We are in the midst of a cultural awakening, more and more of us in every walk of life are living life in full technicolor and loving it. My process is technical and artistic, backed by serious working knowledge of biology, chemistry, and color theory. I use the best products I can find to create your look. Hair health is paramount. I promise that I will never do anything to trash your hair - super pinky swear! When we get done you will be the fantastical (insert magical creature name here) you have always wanted to be. And I will release you to frolic in your natural habitat! Please read our policies before you book a color service. Book it!

Vivid Color Rainbow

Vivid Color Rainbow

Mens Cut and Color with Beard Work

Mens Cut and Color with Beard Work


Mens Styles

Better known as dude stuff

I get stupidly happy over a sweet fade. Throw in a perfectly chiseled beard, I am a happy, happy girl. Let me add some color... swooning. I dig doing the dude stuff. I'll get you together right. You'll have a great look that suits your hair, that you can actually style yourself. You will leave with your hair right, you brows tamed, no hair sticking out of your nose or ears or anywhere weird. You will not have little hairs all over you making you itchy, you can actually go out after a haircut!  Aaaand you'll get great shampoo massage to get you feeling super brand new! Book it!

Cuts for everyone

Fun, wearable, tailored for you hair

No matter what your taste, lifestyle, or styling skill there is a cut for you! Long, short, curly or straight your cut should fit your look, your hair type, be doable for you, and make you feel good everyday! With experience and technical know how I will actually fashion your hair for you, not the other way around. Looking good is easier than you think, and it feels awesome! Book it!

Hair cuts for every length

Hair cuts for every length



"Angel is great at knowing what will work for each person, and she takes the time to make sure you're COMFORTABLE with it. I love Angel Vanas! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

/  Carrolynn L.  /

Waxed, arched, natural looking brows

Waxed, arched, natural looking brows

Waxing, brows, and face

We can take it all off

Ahhh the art of waxing... It accomplishes so many things.

First of all, who doesn't love a nice, clean, groomed set of brows? Especially when they are natural looking and fit you face - YES! That is hair we want to see.

Second, for the hair we don't want to see - (cue horror movie music and wolf howl) Yep, you know what I'm talking about. Sneeky staches, nasty nostril nuggets, chunks of chin fuzz, slices of soul patch, cheeky chops sprouting from your fabulous face! What's a fuzzy femme to do? Let me take care of that for you, I am the clean up crew! Thorough and smooth, no burns, no fuzz, just you! Added bonus, makeup will go on smoother! Book it!

Pravana Perfection SmoothOut results

Pravana Perfection SmoothOut results

Texture Smoothing

when you just need a break

from curls and/or frizz

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE curly hair... But sometimes, you need a break, or just want a different look for a while. Or maybe, your wavy or straight hair is just fuzzy looking or hard to blow out.

I got you. I offer the Pravana Perfection SmoothOut. This treatment employs a proprietary formaldehyde-free nano amino acid complex that safely transforms the internal textural memory of your hair to a smoother, frizz-free, more manageable state of nirvana that lasts for about 8 to 12 weeks, even through color touch-ups! This stuff is so cool, it improves hair texture, most of you will see much faster daily styling! Like how? You ask... Your hair will air dry smoother, blow out smoother and faster, and if you decide to pull out those styling irons, get ready for some mega watt-shine! Book it!