I wanted to do it different.

To build a space of love and light. Where you can be shaped and colored to your heart's content by a highly skilled stylist who truly lives to polish stars. (Pro Tip: You're a star. Scientific fact. We are all made of star stuff. You are the child of stars.)

Not just a salon, but a studio of creation. 

Vivid Hair Color Colormelt: Shadowed Cotton Candy

Vivid Hair Color Colormelt: Shadowed Cotton Candy


It happened so fast

Enter serendipity... They found me, the strong, fabulous women who convinced me I could do this. They shared their skills and savvy. Lo and behold, after some seriously creative funding, some borderline delusional levels of confidence, and several bouts of a weird mix of tenacity and crying, the Star Studio is born!


Angel is an angel, she is one of those special people you meet that makes you feel good inside and out. Talented in her art.

/  Mary G.  /



I love science. I feel like knowing how and why something works adds to the magic! And that, I think, is my magic. You will look the way you look and feel the way you feel when I get done, because I planned it that way. And that is a beautiful thing!



I came in for a vivid color and was beyond impressed with the quality of the work and the integrity of the color. The vibrancy of the color was just unreal! I love it! Angel is the go-to stylist for amazing hair color!

/  Abigail D  /